Below are key dates for the remainder of the school year, and here you can find the Spring 2021 Major Dates (revised Feb. 4). The unpredictability of the pandemic and government responses to virus surges means every school’s calendar may face unexpected changes. We ask that you build flexibility into your family plans and schedule.

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  • Dec. 19-Jan. 4. Winter Break.

  • Jan. 5-14: Classes resume virtually.

    We will use similar testing and at-home self-quarantine strategies that helped us establish a healthy baseline in the fall. Students will begin their self-quarantine at home on Saturday, Jan. 2. 
  • Jan. 16: Students return to campus.

    There will be no classes on Friday, Jan. 15, which will be set aside for travel. Because we will follow tight prevention measures upon the return to campus, we will arrange virtual programming for our traditional MLK Day Symposium on Mon., Jan. 18, and on-campus programming related to the presidential inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 20.
  • March 6-14: Spring Break.

    We hope that this one-week vacation will give students a chance to return home and spend time with families. We will provide limited on-campus accommodations for students who 1) face difficulties returning home for the break, or 2) play a sport that needs to prepare for interscholastic competition.
  • March 15-26: Classes resume virtually.

    Students will remain home in distance learning for two weeks after the break. They will return to campus on Sat., March 27, following self-quarantine and testing. We will not hold classes on Fri., March 26, which will be a travel day for some students.
  • March 29: Students return to campus.

    We will not hold classes on this day. Students will follow the two-week self-quarantine and testing protocols similar to those used at the start of the semester. Also: Students who chose to remain in distance learning for the first part of the semester can opt to return on this day after following those two weeks of self-quarantine and testing protocols.
  • May 28-29: Commencement Weekend.

    We plan to proceed with our regular schedule for Commencement Weekend to occur on May 28-29. We will evaluate health conditions before determining the form of graduation events. Expect to hear more details in February and March.
  • June 4: Last day of assessments for students grades 9-11.

    While the schedule at present features 10 more days of classes than in a normal year, we ask that you hold off planning any family events for the week of June 7-11. The unpredictability of the virus and government responses could require us to extend classes through the week of June 7-11.