Building a strong sense of community is an Episcopal hallmark. Though school will look different this fall, we are developing creative, dynamic ways to stay connected, have fun together, and help students forge relationships with other students as well as faculty.

Student Life

A group of faculty and staff is reimagining popular, long-standing activities with health and safety in mind. They also are planning new events and activities, promising surprises that the entire community will enjoy. With student leaves limited during at least the first three weeks (see the Visitors and Student Leaves page), the group is particularly focused on building a fun range of student options for Community Weekends. Virtual activities and hosting live events online will be part of the activities menu so that students attending EHS remotely can join in.

Traditions Will Continue

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  • Many all-school events

    like Dorm Games, Just Tryan It, and Silent DJ will take place in small groups across campus.

Outdoor spaces will be maximized for socializing.

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  • Added seating

    will create several new casual gathering spots in places like the Chapel Quad and on dorm patios.
  • Tents

    will create other outdoor venues, some for larger social events.
  • Hummel Bowl

    will host a weekly all-community chapel service and may play host to big events like the SAPA Coffee House.
  • Weekend schedules

    will include outdoor movie nights and activities around fire pits.

Dorms will be a key hub of student life.

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  • The Community Cup

    begun last year creates a dorm competition that extends beyond Dorm Games and builds dorm unity throughout the year.
  • Friday nights

    will feature activities, games, and events intended to bring dorm “family groups” together.

Community Moments

Built on the principles of the new weekly schedule announced in February, the fall schedule will include a similar array of opportunities for students and faculty to meet and build relationships in small groups and as a school. It features:

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  • College-like office hours.

    This new element of the schedule will set aside two blocks a week in which students and faculty meet one on one or in small groups to discuss classwork and projects.
  • Community Gatherings.

    From last spring’s Senior Celebration, we recognize the importance of bringing everyone together as a group, hearing announcements from students and faculty, and watching the videos that are a Community Gathering staple. These weekly online meetings will include students attending EHS remotely.
  • Two advisory meetings weekly.

    These dedicated times for advisories (including students attending EHS remotely) are new to the schedule. Advisors also will have weekly one-on-one check-ins with students in their groups.
  • Chapel in Hummel Bowl.

    Chapel services will be virtual and broadcast live online when classes are virtual. Because prevention measures and state restrictions likely will prevent schoolwide gatherings in Callaway Chapel when students return in person, the chaplains and student Vestry will organize services in Hummel Bowl on Monday evenings, with everyone in the stands, albeit physically distanced. The service will be followed by a community dinner.
  • A relaxed dress code!

    Details to follow in August.

Spiritual Life

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  • Chapel services will be held

    on Monday evenings and Friday afternoons, at first virtually, and then live when students are on campus in person. Monday services will be live in the Hummel Bowl and broadcast online for students attending EHS remotely. Friday’s service will be a live broadcast from Callaway Chapel; students will gather in small groups to participate; students attending EHS remotely can participate or watch a recording later. We will be developing a digital Chapel Song Book for ease of use.
  • The chaplains will continue the traditional Sunday worship service.

  • Callaway Chapel will be used as a wellness and sacred space.

    We are exploring ways to use the space for personal and small group meditation, reflection, and worship.