Dorm "Family Groups"

Students living on the same floor will become a “family group” that eats meals together and spends most of its on-dorm time together. Many colleges and schools are creating such groups because health experts recommend them as a prevention practice for meals and dorm life, when social distancing is more difficult and the chance of virus transmission is higher.

Family groups will be assigned to ensure a good mix of students, and the Activities team is planning games and programs to bring each group together.

Outside dorms and dining, students will be free to socialize with their friends during the academic day and do activities with others during extracurricular and free time.

What to expect on dorm

List of 4 items.

  • Dorm rooms arranged with six feet between beds and desks.

    Bunking beds won’t be permitted, and at night, curtains will separate beds as an additional measure of prevention.
  • Expanded shower times and use of common rooms

    to avoid density. Also: sinks will be separated by curtains or plexiglass.
  • Limits on large items brought to campus.

    Updated 7/23. Plan to bring less stuff for the first part of the year; see the School's recommended packing list and guidelines. Beds may be lofted at a low level, allowing for storage and mini-refrigerators (one per room; no taller than 35 inches), but there won’t be room underneath for most couches or desks.
  • Relaxed dress code and use of video games

    Updated 7/24: Boys will not be asked to wear ties, and we will allow shorts of any length, EHS sweatshirts, denim, leggings, and athletics shoes. Additionally, we will not ask students to wear Vespers attire this year, so students do no need to bring more formal clothing, including blazers or cardigans. Also: we will allow students to use video game consoles during the week during non-academic times. We feel this change is appropriate given that this year we will ask students to spend more time in dorm rooms and use physically distancing.

    Here are changes to the Student Handbook related to our approach to Covid-19, including an outline of the relaxed dress code. 


At Episcopal, meals are an important and fun time to socialize and build community. Students and faculty will continue to eat communally, even as we add prevention measures.

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  • Meals will be served in at least three spaces across campus

    in addition to the Dining Hall to reduce density. Tables in these spaces will be arranged to provide ample physical distancing, and directional signs will create clear paths, entrances, and exits.
  • In addition to the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

    there will be a school-provided snack in the afternoon. Also, after study hall at night, we will bring in food from local eateries.
  • Our dining service staff will be screened daily

    (including a temperature check). 


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • When will room selection take place? (July 30)

    On Thursday, Aug. 6, and Friday, Aug. 7, we will host a virtual room-selection process via lottery for returning students. Stay tuned for details. Roommate pairings have been sent to all returning students. The Admissions Office will send new students their roommate information by Wednesday, Aug. 5.
  • Can students order in food?

    In the first few weeks of school, when we are trying to establish the community’s healthy baseline, and when we are observing strict prevention measures, individual food delivery will not be permitted. But the School will order a late-evening snack for dorm family groups from local restaurants.
  • Can students go to the Center to buy food?

    In the first few weeks of the year, nonessential trips off campus will not be permitted. We will ease that restriction after the first few weeks as conditions allow.
  • Can students bring food?

    Absolutely. As you pack, consider what snacks you can send along with your students and pack them in bins with lids.
  • Can students have refrigerators in the room?

    Yes, one per room. If beds are lofted, there will be room underneath for a mini-refrigerator. More details will be available in August.
  • Will there be seated meals?

    Not at the year’s start, but we will have community dinners on Monday evenings in Hummel Bowl following an all-school Chapel.