An easy smartphone app with important information about staying healthy on campus will be made available to all community members — students, faculty, and staff — before their arrival. Everyone will use the app to learn about why the measures we are taking on campus are important as well as to self-monitor their health (temperature, symptoms, etc.) before they come to campus and daily throughout the fall. 

Students, faculty, and staff will be screened:

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  • Daily via the app, beginning 14 days prior to arrival and twice daily once on campus

  • Upon arrival, with medical staff

  • Daily on campus, via the app


In order to establish a baseline of good health for our community, identify individuals who may be asymptomatic carriers of the virus, and support symptomatic individuals, the School is implementing the following approach to Covid-19 testing of all students, faculty, and staff:

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  • Test before arrival on campus.

    The School aims to have all students complete Covid-19 testing before arriving on campus. Information and instructions on how to complete this testing, including details for international students, were provided via email on September 14. Additional information can be found on the Preparing to Arrive on Campus page.
  • Test at arrival and a repeat test within two weeks.

    Medical staff will conduct the tests on campus.
  • Periodic monitoring.

    Medical staff will conduct periodic tests to monitor community health.
  • Test when a student is ill or has been exposed to Covid-19.

  • Test when a student is to be cleared from quarantine or isolation,

    based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Covid-19 Case Response

With the leadership of Medical Director Dr. Adrianna Bravo and Episcopal’s Health Center team, the School is planning responses to a variety of possible situations related to Covid-19. The School will be prepared to assess, triage, and support students who need to be in isolation and quarantine for any period of time, coordinate with parents during those times, and seek help as needed from local officials with any necessary contact tracing.

Most important: Students who need isolation or quarantine should make every effort to leave campus with a parent, guardian, or regional emergency contact within 24 hours. As hard as we are working to provide comfortable quarantine and isolation accommodations with good oversight and support for students, space will be limited. As such, when completing this year’s Magnus health form in the parent portal, parents who live more than a day’s travel from campus will be asked to identify regional emergency contacts. We urge all families to consider now how they or their designated contacts could get to campus quickly if called. If you have not done so, please log into the Magnus health account and complete it as soon as possible.

Before a parent arrives, we will care for students in the following ways:

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  • Quarantine.

    Anyone exposed to a sick individual as a “close contact” (as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its glossary of terms) will quarantine for 14 days from last contact with the individual. While waiting to leave campus with their families, these students will be monitored for symptoms and will continue to take their classes remotely, exercise, and be supported by faculty and staff chaperones in a designated space on campus. At night, they will sleep in rooms reserved at a nearby hotel, accompanied in separate rooms by faculty or staff chaperones.
  • Isolation.

    Anyone with symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will be tested and isolated from others on campus. The Health Center’s top floor will be dedicated solely to care of students who are diagnosed with Covid-19 or who need assessment or evaluation of symptoms consistent with the virus. The floor is separate from rooms where other sick students will receive care. The Crosland Alumni Cottage, our guest residence, will be used as well, if needed.


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