Here is the list of events and dates for the fall. These dates are also available in the parent portal on the School’s website, and key dates are below. Given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, we will delay releasing a schedule of major dates for the second half of the school year until later this fall.

Return to School

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Calendar Notes

Like many colleges and schools, we have changed some traditional holidays and events based on the recommendations of health experts to maintain a “contained campus” as best as possible. With these changes, we avoid the risk of the community traveling over short breaks as well as the likelihood of retesting for Covid-19 upon their return. Note especially:

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  • No preseason athletics training.

    Student-athletes will return Sept. 2-3 with other students. See Athletics for more information about the fall season.
  • Fall Break on campus.

    We will observe the break on Monday, Oct. 12, with no classes, but students will remain on campus.
  • Distance learning from Thanksgiving Break through Winter Break.

    In-person classes will end with the start of the Thanksgiving Break on Saturday, Nov. 21. School will resume on Monday, Nov. 30, with distance learning classes that will run for the three weeks until the Winter Break begins Saturday, Dec. 18. The School will support international students on campus who cannot return home between Thanksgiving and Winter Break with a combination of online and in-person classes. See more on the International Students  page.
  • Virtual Fall Family Weekend.

    Parent-teacher conferences, college counseling sessions, and other typical programming will be held through virtual events on Friday, Oct. 9.

Weekly Schedule

The planned schedule for this fall is based on the design principles that emerged from our recently completed two-year schedule review. Using the core takeaways from that study, we created a modified schedule that will allow us to best deliver our mission and ensure the continuity of our program through any unexpected changes in the fall. The schedule prioritizes the academic program for all of our students; the physical and mental health of our students; and the important relationships between all members of our community, particularly students and faculty.


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  • Three class meetings each week,

    with two 60-minute blocks and one 40-minute block.
  • Consistent class meeting times

    Tuesday through Friday. Each block meets every other class day.
  • Classes concentrated in the morning hours, allowing international students to attend synchronously

    at least two of three meetings of every class. We are planning several ways to support international students or others who are unable to return to campus and who live outside the Eastern Time Zone. Among other things, we are exploring evening meeting times when students unable to attend class synchronously might connect with teachers.  
  • Regular evening study halls and structured daytime study hours

    determined by grade level.

Physical and Mental Health

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  • Longer passing periods between classes and meetings

    to safely transition between spaces and help students maintain a healthy pace.
  • Lunch rotations

    that provide time for dorm "family groups" to safely eat together.
  • Staggered start times for athletics and afternoon options

    — arts, music, fitness, etc. — to provide for safe transitions and use of facilities. 
  • Scheduled break

    and snack each afternoon.


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  • Advisory blocks

    for students and advisors to meet regularly as a group and one on one.
  • H Block provides a consistent time and structure

    for students to meet with faculty for office hours, daytime study hall, and other important programming.
  • EHS all-community moments

    such as Chapel and Community Gathering are retained and spaced across the week.

Key Fall 2020 Dates

August 19
Students begin health precautions for campus arrival

August 24
Remote Student Leadership Training Begins

August 31-September 1
Remote All Student Orientation and Programming

September 2 and 3
Students Arrive on Campus

September 3-6
On-Campus Orientation and Programming

September 7
Classes Begin

October 9
Virtual Fall Family Weekend/No Classes

October 12
On-Campus Fall Break/No Classes

November 21-29
Thanksgiving Break

November 30
First Day of Distance Learning

December 19-January*
Winter Break

*Major dates for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year will be determined in the fall of 2020.