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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia


To call an on-campus extension from off campus, first dial 703-933 and then the listed extension.

Dr. Thomas C. Hummel

Departments and Positions:
Theology Teacher (Former Department Head)
Assistant Chaplain
School Extension 4163
Thom believes that when you discuss globalization, “it is not just a matter of knowing and visiting other places, but understanding the philosophic and reli­gious perspectives that undergird those civiliza­tions.” Thom has ample opportunity to encourage such interaction as a teacher of theology and one of the chaplains.

A member of the American Academy of Religion and the Conference of Anglican Theologians, Thom also teaches graduate classes at Virginia Theological Seminary. He has written one monograph on pilgrimage, contributed to seven books on the history of Jerusalem, and is a senior fellow of the Christian Heritage Research Institute in Jerusalem.

His most recent published work, “La Méditerranée des Arméniens” edited by Professor Claude Mutafian, came out last summer and he is currently writing "A Theology of Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem." He spends his summers in Jerusalem, Oxford, England, and Paris when he and his wife Ruth are not enjoying their garden in Old Town Alexandria.

Research Fellow, Oriel College, Oxford University
Ph. D., Vanderbilt University
M.Div., Yale University
M.A., Vanderbilt University
B.A., Upsala College
Episcopal High School Since 1839
1200 North Quaker Lane Alexandria, Virginia 22302 | 703-933-3000