15 Teams, 77 Award Winners: Winter Athletes Honored

The winter interscholastic athletics teams celebrated their seasons last week in a series of team virtual banquets. “As a group, you competed with class and represented Episcopal with pride,” wrote Jen and Jim Fitzpatrick, the girls’ and boys’ athletic directors, in a letter to the athletes. “Whether it was in the pool, on the court, on the walls, on the track, or on the mats, you grew both as individuals and teammates.”

Luke David '93, who teaches sports media at the School, produced a video of highlights for each team. Individual athletes were honored for their leadership, performance, and commitment to their team and athletics. 

The list of award winners below includes students who won the Gold Award for participation in their varsity sport for three seasons. See also the roll call video of those winners. 

Boys’ Varsity Basketball
William Caskie Watts '35 MVP Award: Darius Johnson '21
Most Improved Player: John Loughlin '22
Coaches’ Award: David Rondeau '20
Gold Award: Tymu Chenery '20, Jack Fitzpatrick '20, Darius Johnson '21

Boys’ JV Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Joshua Williams '22
Most Improved Player: Rogers McDougall '22
Coaches’ Award: Thomas Peacock '22

Boys’ Junior Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Steven Lilly '23
Most Improved Player: Evan Davis '23
Coaches’ Award: Nathan DeWitte '23

Girls’ Varsity Basketball

Most Valuable Player: Marian Turnbull '22
Most Improved Player: Minta Brice '21
Coaches’ Award: Cayla Williams '21
Four-Year Letter Winners: Dymin Gerow '20, Nora Huffines '20

Girls’ JV Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Charlotte Kelly '22
Most Improved Player: Olivia Moore '22
Coaches’ Award: Nan Holt '23

Boys’ Varsity Climbing
Most Valuable Player: Sam Lipschutz '22
Most Improved Player: Stuart Knops '23
Coaches’ Award: Demetri Kearns '22
Girls’ Varsity Climbing
Most Valuable Player: Eloise Chapman '23
Most Improved Player: Connie Lu '23
Coaches’ Award: Bridget McAree '21
Gold Award: Forbes Dudley '21, Bridget McAree '21, Arianna Otoo '21

Boys’ Varsity Squash
William Deal Waxter Jr. Most Valuable Player: Hansen Ogden '22
Most Improved Player: William McCall '22
Coaches’ Award: Harrison Green '20

Boys’ JV Squash
Most Valuable Player: Leo Kong '21
Most Improved Player: Sebastian de Casteja '22
Coaches’ Award: Will Schenck '22

Girls’ Varsity Squash
Theodore S. Faunce MVP Award: Karla Domingues '20
Most Improved Player: Caroline Bradford '21
Coaches’ Award: Pierson Gammage '20
Four-Year Letter Winners: Karla Domingues '20, Pierson Gammage '20 
Gold Award: Lily Dolan '20 
Girls’ Junior Varsity Squash
MVP Award: Caroline Hunt '22
Most Improved Player: Bibs Riddell '23
Coaches’ Award: Jania Tasker '23

Boys’ Varsity Track & Field
Reid Nickle '11 Most Valuable Player: Dante Jackson '21
Most Improved Player: Zeddy Williams '21
Coaches’ Award: Aaron Lindsey '21
Four-Year Letter Winners: Thanos Androus 20, Tre Simmons '20
Gold Award: Kenny Driscoll '21, Jamall Mensah '20 , Edward Powers '21, Zeddy Williams '21, David Zeng '20
Girls’ Varsity Track & Field
Most Valuable Player: Alli Boehm '20
Most Improved Player: Taylor Chambers '23
Coaches’ Award: Nina Moore '20
Four-Year Letter Winners: Alli Boehm '20, Claire Boehm '20, Nina Moore '20
Gold Award: JayJay Cohen '21, Ruby Gregg '21, Regan Simmons '21

Boys’ Varsity Wrestling
Charles Morton Stewart III '52 MVP Award: Gilbert Amason '20
Most Improved Player: Dylan Sexton '22
Coaches’ Award: Brenton Smith '21
Four-Year Letter Winner: Gilbert Amason '20
Gold Award: Chineme Agulanna '20, Yoyo Lu '21, Bear Matheson '20, Stefan Olsen '21, Clay Sailor '21, Brenton Smith '21, Conrad Suppes '20
Boys’ JV Wrestling
Most Valuable Player: Walter Blessing '23
Most Improved Player: Diego Zelaya '23
Coaches’ Award: Anderson Patry '23