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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Winter Musical, “Big Fish,” is Bigger than Life Itself

The 2019 winter musical, “Big Fish,” opened on Thursday, February 21, in Pendleton Hall and ran through the weekend with nightly productions.
“Big Fish,” based on the musical with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and the book by John August, tells the story of Will Bloom (played by Mark Berry ’19) as he tries to reconcile his father’s accounts of his own life with reality. Will’s father, Edward (played by Christian Hudspeth ’19), is known for his tall tales and extravagant stories, complete with a witch, a giant, a werewolf, and a variety of fanciful characters. As Will delves deeper into his father’s past, he discovers that the truth is not important, and he learns to love his father—flaws and all.

Over several months, the cast and crew members of the winter musical afternoon option spent countless hours rehearsing, building the set, creating costumes and lighting, and bringing the fantasy world of “Big Fish” to the Pendleton stage.

Theater Director Bill Patti says, “The company of Big Fish was a dream for a theatre director. They were engaged, hard working, creative, and wildly talented. I am so proud of the magic they poured into the production.”

To view photos of the performance on Episcopal’s flickr feed, click here
"Big Fish" Cast and Crew: 


Edward Bloom: Christian Hudspeth
Will Bloom: Mark Berry
Sandra Bloom: Gray Shiverick
Young Will: Tennyson Fitzgerald
Josephine Bloom: Violet Regan
Karl: Eli Wilcox
Amos Calloway: Arman Singh
Don Price: Spencer Ashford
The Witch: Kyndall Donalson
Jenny Hill: Shuanjaney Bryan
Mermaid: Patsy Daum
Dr. Bennett: Harry Shi
Zacky Price: Flynn Donnelly
Mayor/Company: Halsey Ziglar

Sol Ahn
Molly Berry
Shaunjaney Bryan
Annie Caine
Kate Castle
Jerry Chen
Izzy Dulaney
Annie Durden
Brennan Eberle
Amy John-Terry
Skyler Kranjcec
Gabin Lee
Sofiia Mikadze
Will Morris
Lucie Morton
Shawn Mustafa
Sophie Novitsky
Annie Thomas
Morin Tinubu
Susan Wang
Leila Wargotz
Camilla Zambrana

Dance Captain:
Patsy Daum, Morin Tinubu
Costumes: Morin Tinubu, Molly Berry (and Costume Committee)
Props: Harry Shi, Leila Wargotz (and Props Committee)
Publicity: Kate Castle, Halsey Ziglar (and Marketing Committee)

Tech Crew:
Daman Yang
Scout Zhou
Aamishq Dhir
Emily Wu
Alex Koppenhaver
Natasha Wanjiru
Olivia Taiwo
Lucy Callewart
Zailie Diaz
Mitch Owen
Remington Grant
Annabelle Baird

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