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Angie Newman Johnson Gallery

The Art of Erosion

"Time Still Moving," a series by artist Steve Wanna, is on display in the Angie Newman Gallery of the Ainslie Arts Center.
The exhibit features time-based sculptural work by Steve Wanna. Wanna's work changes with time as elements erode, pigments disperse, and salt catches and records ever-changing activity.

"My process is one of continual reduction and distillation — I seek the simplest, least cluttered forms for expressing my ideas," writes Wanna on his website. "As a result, all my work involves varying levels of giving up control to some process that allows the work to unfold within certain parameters."

The public is invited to a gallery reception with the artist on Tuesday, March 19, beginning at 6:45 p.m. The reception will precede a 7:45 p.m. concert by the National Chamber Players in Pendleton Hall, which will include a special video projection by Wanna during the Debussy,

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