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The Arts at EHS

Junko Pinkowski

Departments and Positions:
• Multimedia Arts Teacher
Junko joined Episcopal after 15 years of teaching in New England preparatory schools, where she taught Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Digital Film Editing courses. Her love of design has guided her interests throughout the world in a variety of artistic and cultural pursuits.

Although a native of Japan, Junko studied at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland, New Zealand, graduating with highest honors. She returned to Japan to apprentice in woodworking and traditional furniture design at the Matsumoto Technical Institute and began her teaching career in Kofu, Yamanashi. Moving to America brought Junko to her career of teaching in independent schools, and her graduate work in typography at the Rhode Island School of Design. At Episcopal, Junko teaches the Digital Arts.

In addition to teaching, Junko has worked as an artist and freelance designer. Her distinctive designs can be found on theater and events posters, album covers, business logos, independent publications, and a wide array of media. Junko also enjoys displaying her art in galleries and working on collaborative projects with other artists. She and her husband, Mitch Pinkowski have a son Shota '23.

B.A. Whitecliffe College of Art and Design