Updated January 10, 2022

Episcopal’s risk mitigation plans may be adjusted as the local, state, and federal guidelines change. This page will be updated as necessary.

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  • Addressing Positive Cases on Campus

    In addressing positive cases on campus, we will continue to review both CDC and State of Virginia guidelines.

    • Asymptomatic positive students will isolate for five days, receive an antigen test on day 5, and, if negative, may return on day 6; students who continue to test antigen positive may test daily until a negative test result is received or return to school in 10 days.
    • Symptomatic students will isolate for a maximum of ten days.
    • All positive students should continue to carefully mask for 10 days following a COVID diagnosis.
    • Fully vaccinated students who are close contacts with positive cases will not need to quarantine but will be asked to mask carefully and offered follow up testing.
    • Students who do test positive and who need to isolate will work directly with the Health Center and Assistant Head for Academics Nate Ebel to ensure they have access to their classes and course content during their absence.
  • Boosters Encouraged & Available to Students

    We encourage any eligible members of our EHS community to get a booster during the appropriate timeframe as doing so increases overall immunity levels and helps protect the community from severe cases of Covid-19 and its variants.

    Eligible students may receive a booster through the Health Center
    • Parents/guardians must complete this consent form and return it to the Health Center.
    • Upon receipt of the form, the Health Center will contact the student to schedule an appointment.
    • Questions? Contact the Health Center
    Here is information about boosters shared by the CDC. Booster vaccines can be located within the US here. We also encourage you to consult with your primary care physician with any questions related to a booster for you/your child. If your student receives a booster, please be certain to provide an updated vaccination card to the Health Center as soon as possible.