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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Jemma and John Moses

Parents of John, Jr. '19 and Jarin '22

Where did you attend high school? How does EHS compare to the school you attended?

John and I both attended Charlotte Amalie High School in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our high school is located on the island of St. Thomas and was very small. EHS compared to our high school offers much more opportunities for students and better prepares them for college and life.

Why did you consider a boarding school for your sons?

We considered boarding school after John told us he did not want to attend a traditional or private high school. After researching schools and reading about the excellent education and programs that boarding offer, the decision was made. Our younger son Jarin saw and heard first hand about boarding school from his brother and decided there was no other option for him.

Why did you choose to send them to EHS?

Our sons choose EHS because of the feeling they felt during their time here on multiple visits. Episcopal gave them a sense of family and a comfortable feeling of being at home. We chose EHS because we wanted something different for John and Jarin, and a school that can challenge them academically.

How has EHS impacted your children's lives?

Episcopal is molding John and Jarin into amazing, independent young men. We feel so grateful that our sons have such great teachers and friends who have helped shaped them during their time spent at EHS. Attending the High School has pushed our sons academically and in extracurricular activities, and has allowed them to strive for greatness, show leadership, and volunteerism. They have also shown maturity beyond their years. Every time John and Jarin come home, we see growth in their conversations and their outlook on life.

How did the decision to send your children to boarding school affect their relationships with you?

Sending our sons to boarding school has brought us closer together. It was a hard decision, however, especially because Jarin leaving our home turned us into empty nesters. We look forward to our boys coming home to spend time together and listen to them tell stories about their time at EHS.
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