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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia
How to Give

Episcopal Because...

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  • Attison Barnes III '82 (Father of Attison '11, Alexandria, Va.)

    After one year, I've noticed greater confidence and independence in Attison.
    Attison Barnes III '82 (Father of Attison '11, Alexandria, Va.)
  • Betsy Watts Metcalf '00

    While I will never be able to fully 'pay back' Episcopal, the Roll Call has been a way for me to contribute to the place that is so special to me.
    Betsy Watts Metcalf '00
  • Charles H. Jones III '86

    Your gift is a vote for what Episcopal High School has been, is, and will be.
    Charles H. Jones III '86
  • Chris Williams '06

    While we were students, the faculty, staff, alumni and supporters worked hard to make sure that we were given the best quality education and opportunities during our formative years. Now, as an alumnus and a member of the undisputed best class in the School’s history, it is a privilege to be a part of Episcopal’s commitment to pushing the envelope to find and provide new avenues of opportunity for students.
    Chris Williams '06
  • Kate Crawford

    I've seen over the years how truly formative my time at EHS was for me, and I'd like to start doing my best to give back.
    Kate Crawford Schackai '97
  • Laura Faulders ’02

    We are still close friends.
    Laura Faulders ’02
  • Reid Nickle '11

    The support of young alumni is not only meaningful to Episcopal's financial health, but is also a testament of gratitude to the School that holds a special place in our hearts. Beyond the immediate financial utility for Episcopal, it says ‘We are going to be here for EHS the entire way.’
    Reid Nickle '11
  • Richard and Jeanmarie Drucker (Parents of RJ '12 and Hamilton '14, New York, N.Y.)

    EHS succeeds in motivating students to grow and excel, providing warmth and support, and emphasizing the importance of values and spirituality. We feel honored to be able to contribute to the EHS tradition.
    Richard and Jeanmarie Drucker (Parents of RJ '12 and Hamilton '14, New York, N.Y.)
  • Sutton Alford '11

    There is an essence to Episcopal - an intangible aura - the spirit of The High School. It stems from the amazing sense of camaraderie shared not only between students, but between everyone involved in the School - students, faculty, coaches and alumni - all of whom understand the honor, the friendships, and the loyalty that make this institution great.
    Sutton Alford '11
  • Walker Lamond '93

    Memories of my years at Episcopal always put a smile on my face. 25 years later and my EHS classmates remain my closest, most trusted, and most entertaining friends, and no matter where I live, Episcopal always feels like home.
    Walker Lamond '93
  • Will Nisbet '01

    A community such as EHS is rare in the educational world, and the foundations provided are invaluable.
    Will Nisbet '01
  • Chip Craighill

    EHS has been a wonderful experience for several members of our family including my father, brother, and son, and I will be forever grateful for the memories and friendships.
    Chip Stillwell Craighill '79
  • Michael Fulks

    I volunteer for and give to Episcopal in appreciation for the excellent education I received and for the fantastic faculty who gave it to me.
    Michael Fulks '04
  • Leah Kannensohn Tennille

    I give to EHS to honor the teachers and school that made me who I am today.
    Leah Kannensohn Tennille '01
  • Elizabeth Dale

    I am forever grateful for my experiences at The High School. I truly believe EHS instilled a work ethic and determination in me that enabled me to exceed in college and in life. Today I am blessed to have a job and am happy to give back to the fine institution that made it possible. Thank you!
    Elizabeth Dale '08
  • Robert Dunkin

    It is the least I can do for a community that was so instrumental in my life.
    Robert B. Dunkin, II '89
  • Devon Morten

    It feels so good to give to places you love!
    Devon Morten '03
  • Marty Martin

    No day passes without a reminder of its lifelong impact.
    Marty Martin '69
  • Skip Fox

    By giving to Episcopal, I can help preserve and strengthen the one-of-a-kind experience that students get at EHS – not only educationally, but in grounding students with principles of honor and integrity which are so crucial in today’s world, but often so lacking.
    Skip Fox ‘71
  • John Ritchie

    The values I learned and the friends I made at EHS have guided and enriched my life ever since.
    John Ritchie ’50
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