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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia


EHS Faculty and Staff Alumni

In the 2016-17 EHS school year, 13 alumni currently serve as teachers, admissions officers, financial officers, and in other faculty and staff positions.
When Margaret von Werssowetz Waters graduated from EHS in 2006, she maintained such strong ties to The High School that she hoped to return as a staff member. Today, she can still be seen on campus in the Advancement Office, along with fellow alumnae Miranda Thompson ’00, Katharine Farrar ’07, Emily Urquhart ’08, and Elizabeth Henderson ’11.

They are not alone—13 alumni have returned to campus as teachers, admissions officers, financial officers, and other faculty and staff positions. This year, Farrar and Warner Blunt ’07 are the newest alumni additions to the staff. Jim Chesson ’79 is the alumnus with the longest tenure at EHS, celebrating his 30th year this July.
“I did not specifically plan to return to Episcopal to teach but spent three great years here as a student and always considered returning a possibility,” Chesson said.

While much transition has occurred throughout his time here, Chesson says it’s only for the better. “A lot has changed since my arrival as a tenth-grader in 1976  coeducation and the physical plant stand out  but the thriving and engaged community remain.”

Tim Rogers, another graduate from the Class of ’79, returned to EHS in 1993 as an English teacher—and brought his wife, Rocio, who teaches Spanish. He said she actually was hired first but joked that the School “figured they’d throw me in as part of the deal, too.” He commends the school for progressing with the times and not holding fast to traditions that no longer fit with today’s culture.

Waters said she had always sought the opportunity to return to EHS after graduating.

“Ever since I was a student at EHS, I entertained the idea of coming back one day, because my time as a student was such an important chapter in my life,” she said.
“You feel the minute you come on campus that this community is special and that you are part of something big. Ultimately I came back because I wanted to feel connected to a larger mission in my everyday work.”

Vince Hodge ’89, Daphne Allen Fair ’02, and Frances deSaussure ’06 work in the Admissions Office, as does new addition Warner Blunt ’07. When Hodge was a student, he served as Chair of the Honor Committee and was Senior Monitor.
“Episcopal granted me unforeseen opportunities while I was a student. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to help shape the lives of young people and give back to an institution that has granted me so much.”

Lucy Goldstein ’97 will also attend Reunion Weekend this year. She says she often thinks about the friendships she made while a student here, and values the strong community that accompanied them.

“Episcopal gave me a strong foundation as a person and as an educator. I believe in the School's mission and its people. I was excited to come back to the place that gave me so much, including a sense of why boarding school is so special and a sense of what it means to be a dedicated faculty member and responsible and integrated community member.”

Boota de Butts ’76 worked in the finance world before joining EHS in 2005 as the CFO. He says Episcopal was a special place for him. From his time as a student, he misses having curtains as dorm doors “and all that symbolized,” but not having Saturday classes. What more can he say except “Beat Woodberry!”

Overall, each alumni returned to EHS for the same reason: the impact The High School had on their lives. For each of them, they cherished the community they grew to know and have lasting memories that made their experiences special.
What is special about this year’s Reunion Weekend is that it takes place during Farrar’s birthday weekend.

“I'd like to thank EHS for inviting all of my great friends back to campus and throwing me one of the best birthday parties you could ask for!” she joked.
In all seriousness, she says she is counting down the days until her 10th reunion, and encourages her fellow alumni to return to EHS—if only for the weekend.

Alumni currently working on the Hill and their positions at EHS:
  • Warner Blunt '07 - Admissions Officer
  • Jim Chesson '79 - Science
  • Boota deButts '76 - CFO
  • Frances deSaussure '06 - Math
  • Daphne Fair '02 - Associate Director of Admissions
  • Katharine Farrar '07 - Alumni Programs Officer
  • Lucy Whittle Goldstein '97 - English, Class Dean, Dorm Head
  • Elizabeth Henderson '11 - Communications Associate
  • Vincent Hodge '89 - Director of Financial Aid
  • Tim Rogers '79 - English
  • Miranda Thompson '00 - Associate Director of Stewardship & Advancement Services
  • Margaret von Werssowetz Waters '06 - Alumni Programs Officer
  • Emily Urquhart '08 - Parent Programs Officer
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