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Amanda Weisiger '08

Amanda Weisiger '08 thrives in the fast-paced start-up industry where she has the opportunity to wear many hats. As vice president of marketing for House Account, she enjoys being involved in all aspects of the business.
For Amanda, the excitement of working for a small company far outweighs the risks associated with today’s start-up world. Amanda is vice president of marketing at House Account, a software-as-a-service company that provides marketing and sales tools to independent retailers. House Account’s main clients are small, locally owned boutiques that utilize House Account’s mobile app to maintain their e-commerce. Through the app, customers can shop at any of house account’s 450 local boutiques across the country.

Amanda’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to pursue a degree in human and organizational development with a track in leadership and organizational effectiveness from the Peabody School at Vanderbilt University. After four years in Music City, Amanda took a job in New York with SWW Creative, a start-up consulting and production agency. There Amanda worked to produce events and fashion shows and forge creative collaborations between companies. The agency’s clients included Hermès, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Penske Media Corporation, and IMG Fashion Worldwide. It was a high-intensity, eye-opening experience that included a round-the-clock work schedule.

In 2012, longtime family friend Laura Vinroot Poole approached Amanda about bringing her talents to House Account. Amanda moved back to her hometown, Charlotte, N.C., and has been working with House Account for three years. Amanda began as an editor and steadily took on more responsibilities as the company has grown.

Now vice president, Amanda is involved in marketing and operations and content and financial management. One of the most appealing aspects of working in a start-up environment is “having the opportunity to wear many, many hats,” says Amanda. “The chance to be involved in all aspects of the business, from marketing to sales to finance to tech, is priceless.”

The start-up environment, while certainly exciting and dynamic, is not without its challenges. Amanda says, “A start-up atmosphere brings something new to the table every day. I can safely say I have never been bored in this ever-changing role.” Does the pressure make her nervous? “Yes, absolutely. It can be very nerve-wracking having so much responsibility and knowing that if you make a mistake, it really falls on you.” Amanda says she has learned how to overcome her nerves after years of experience.

Amanda’s advice for anyone interested in a career in the fast-paced start-up industry is simple: You’ll never get what you don’t ask for. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you think you’re worth. She says, “Corporate life was never somewhere I imagined myself. Even when I was an intern, the companies where I worked were always very small. I love to have my hands in things and make an impact. When you’re a part of such a small team and your opinions are heard, it is a rewarding process.”
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