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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Global Online Academy

Episcopal High School partners with Global Online Academy (GOA), a not-for-profit consortium of leading independent schools from around the world. GOA offers EHS students the opportunity to learn alongside peers from around the world and to test their passions in ways typically unavailable on a single campus.


The mission of Global Online Academy is to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society, deepening learning through courses that equip students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in high school, college, career, and life.
With Global Online Academy, teachers and students can share their voice on a global stage, improving learning and enabling the pursuit of individual passions.
There are currently more than 70 independent schools in the GOA consortium from all aroud the world. All GOA courses are developed and taught by teachers who are currently teaching at a GOA member school.

Episcopal juniors and seniors may take GOA courses as electives for course credits. GOA course workload and course intensity is equivalent to courses taken on our campus. Unlike many online courses, students are not passive receptors of prerecorded lectures from their teachers. Instead, students collaborate on challenging and interesting projects with students from around the world. They are also expected to manage their workload and time effectively to support the asynchronous nature of the courses.

For GOA guidelines and to apply online, please log in to the EHS student portal

What Do Students Say About GOA?


For more information, contact GOA Site Director Nate Ebel at GOA@episcopalhighschool.org.

2018-19 GOA Courses


Arabic: Language Through Culture I, II
Japanese: Language Through Culture I, II


Applying Philosophy to Modern Global Issues
Digital Journalism I
Genocide and Human Rights
Introduction to Psychology
iOS App Design
Medical Problem Solving I
Poetry Writing
Power: Redressing Inequity through Data


Applying Philosophy to Modern Global Issues
Abnormal Psychology
Comparative Politics
Digital Journalism II
Game Theory
Gender Studies
Genocide and Human Rights
Introduction to Psychology
iOS App Design
Medical Problem Solving I
Medical Problem Solving II
Organic Chemistry
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