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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Board of Trustees

Episcopal High School's Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing broad policy goals that align the operation of the School with its Mission, providing fiduciary oversight of the School's operations, and supporting long-range strategic planning to ensure Episcopal High School's future.
The Board of Trustees is comprised of no more than 24 members, which include alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents, and individuals from the broader educational community who bring particular expertise and perspective.
Members may serve two three-year terms. The Committee on Nominations and Governance presents a slate to the full for election each spring. Officers of the Board are elected by the full Board each year.
Committees of the Board of Trustees currently include executive, finance, investment, development, buildings and grounds, and nominations and governance. In any given year, task forces may be created to address other strategic issues.

Officers 2018-19

Chairman of the Board
Lee S. Ainslie III '82

Vice-Chairman of the Board
Michael M. Holt '83

Charles M. Stillwell*

William H. deButts III '76

Rector of the Board
The Rt. Rev. Shannon S. Johnston*


Alicia R. Alford
Robert W. Chambers III '90
Robert M. Collie III '94
Christopher M. Giblin '86
John C. Glover '81
Dylan Glenn '87
Cary Longstreth Goodwin '93
Michael M. Holt '83
Bill Hughes '79
S. John Kim '91

Gray M. King '96
Dele Liu
M. Thompson Long '77
Ransom C. Lummis '80
Robert E. Mason IV '77

William S. Peebles IV '73
M. Rodney Robinson '86
Burwell Schorr
Laura Shelburne

Dr. J. Juergen Taylor '81
Leah Kannensohn Tennille '01
Kathryn G. Tyree
Edward B. Walker '85
E. Jenner Wood III '70

Trustees Emereti

John W. Burress III '54
H. Gordon Leggett, Jr. '50
George W. Logan '63
Hugh J. Morgan, Jr. '46
John L. Townsend III '73
*Ex Officio Member
Episcopal High School Since 1839
1200 North Quaker Lane Alexandria, Virginia 22302 | 703-933-3000