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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Counseling Department

Episcopal’s counseling department operates from a wellness model that aims to strengthen our community through education, prevention, and intervention meant to foster healthy adolescent development.

EHS Counselors believe that the capacity to explore obstacles to personal and academic growth in a proactive way is a sign of strength and resilience. Students are encouraged to seek out counselors for short-term, solution-focused sessions aimed at overall wellness, insight-oriented exploration, healthy decision making, and adjustment to life transitions.

There are two full-time counselors available to provide support, assessment, and brief psychotherapy for students during the regular school day. There is always a counselor on call who can be reached through the McAllister Health Center if a student is in need of emergency care. The counselors collaborate with local mental health providers and a consulting psychiatrist and make referrals for ongoing therapy and specialized support.

Students can request an appointment by emailing one of the counselors or filling out a Request for Appointment form at the Health Center. Families can contact the counselors directly to discuss concerns, to schedule an appointment for their student, or to make arrangements for referral to local off campus providers. Referrals can also be made by advisors, faculty, coaches, and other members of the EHS community.

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  • Confidentiality

    The Counseling Department abides by the Episcopal Health Services policy on privacy and confidentiality. The counselors recognize the importance of confidentiality as essential to the success of the counseling relationship and as necessary in building a trusting, therapeutic connection. We encourage students and families to disclose relevant information to the members of our community who are involved in the student's daily life when appropriate, but if they choose not to do so, the counselors will honor confidentiality within the limits of safety and the law. Additionally, counselors collaborate as a clinical team with each other, the Medical Director, the Director of Nursing and other Health Center staff to coordinate care.
  • New Student Support

    The counselors are available to help new students as they make their transition to boarding school life. Conversations often revolve around being away from home, making new friends, living with a roommate, and navigating new academic expectations. Counselors also provide brief mental health counseling for students facing obstacles to personal and academic growth and can make referrals to local mental health providers for ongoing and specialized support as needed. The counselors will be available during orientation to meet new students and talk with families, and they will hold open house hours to introduce themselves to students during the first few weeks of school. Families can contact the Director of Counseling with any questions or counseling requests.
  • Counseling Department Programming

    “Healthy choices” is the theme that guides our daily work with Episcopal students and anchors our health programming. Our goal is to provide relevant and up-to-date information about health matters, encourage dialogue that helps students discern healthy options, and work to create a school culture that is conducive to learning. Through our orientation programs, Health and Wellness course, various small group workshops, substance abuse prevention programs, and other student life programming, we are able to be proactive in our work with students.
  • Care Related to Substance Use

    The Counseling Department supports Episcopal’s policy on substance use and possession while assisting any student with substance related questions or concerns. In addition to collaborating with the Student Assistance Team (SAT) and the Dean’s Office to provide appropriate evaluation and support for students who are placed on a no-use agreement, counselors are available to work with individual students and families to address concerns related to substance use. Students and families can also contact one of the counselors for referral to a local substance abuse specialist.

    Please see the Student Handbook for more information about Episcopal’s three responses to substance use and possession or contact the Director of Counseling for more information about the Student Assistance Team (SAT).

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