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All boarding, grades 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia

Student Leadership

EHS emphasizes leadership skills in all areas of student life. Student leadership has become a tradition at Episcopal that engages students at many levels, including formal opportunities, such as the Monitor System, the Honor Committee, and the Vestry.

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  • Activities Committee

    The student Activities Committee is a team of EHS students that work together, in conjunction with the full faculty activities committee, to plan and orchestrate various social activities that meet the needs and desires of our diverse population of students.

    2018-19 Activities Committee

    Didi Tyree '19 (President), Ben Korkowski '19 (Associate President), Mary Preston Singletary '20 (Co-Vice President), South Wallace '20 (Co-Vice President), Mary Ives Giblin '19 (Secretary), Ellie Cummings '19 (Associate Secretary), Jonesy WIlbanks '19 (Associate Secretary), Parker Driscoll '19 (2019 Class Representative), Elyse Farrell '20 (2020 Class Representative), Millie Pettegrew '20, Peter Webber '20, Lilly Whitner '19, Thomas Williamson '19, Cole Wise '19
  • Cheerleaders

    The EHS Cheerleaders promote pride through tradition. They strive to inspire students to encourage and support others on and off the field. The cheerleaders lead by example and create a legacy through positive actions.

    2018-19 Cheerleaders

    Mary Ives Giblin '19, Colby Grover '19, Jack Kelly '19, Jett Lyerly 19, Coleman Marlatt '19, Luke Mascatello '19, Maggie Moore '19, John Moses '19, Didi Tyree '19, JOnesy Wilbanks '19, Cole Wise '19
  • Community Council

    The Community Council is a student-driven organization dedicated to improving the student experience by acting as a liaison between the student body and administration and providing bonding opportunities for the entire community.

    2018-19 Community Council

    Elyse Farrell '20, Max Foulk '19, Neely Holt '20, Sam Kamara '19, Jane Owen '19, Charlie Stephenson '19, Lilly Whitner '19, Jonesy Wilbanks '19
  • Discipline Committee

    The Discipline Committee hears cases when a major school rule has been broken. Students work with the faculty advisors on the committee to help understand the facts of the case and to decide on a suitable consequence, which can range from restriction to dismissal.

    2018-19 Discipline Committee

    Olivia Tucker '19 (Head of Discipline Committee), Litchfield Ajavon '19, James Dixon '19, Max Foulk '19, Michael Grogan '19, Colby Grover '19, Salim Turner-Mohammed '19, Catie Wood '19
  • Head Tour Guides

    Each year, rising seniors may apply to become admissions Head Tour Guides. Seniors are then selected by an admissions committee to hold these leadership positions. Head Tour Guides are responsible for greeting families on move-in day, sending out tour requests, confirming tour guides on a daily basis, giving weekly tours, assisting with open house and revisit days, and giving Saturday tours to prospective families and alumni.

    2017-18 Head Tour Guides

    LLitchfield Ajavon '19, Carder Anderson '19, Garrott Braswell '19, Margaret Cahill '19, Ellie Cummings '19, James DIxon '19, Arden Faires '19, Sam Fanning '19, Juliet Faris '19, McKenna Gribbon '19, Lindsey Harrison '19, Trudy Holmes '19, Collin Hwang '19, Sidney Lewis '19, Catie Medick '19, Olivia Morton '19, Jahsaiah Moses '19, Alexanne Penton '19, Paul Pivirotto '19, Matson Schorr '19, Halsey Ziglar '19
  • Honor Committee

    The Honor Committee, which is composed of seven elected students and four appointed faculty members, promotes understanding of the Code and manages individual violations.

    2018-19 Honor Committee

    Luke Mascatello '19 (Head of Honor Committee), Natalie Block '19, Mary Ives Giblin '19, Esther Kim '19, Ben Korkoswki '19, Jett Lyerly '19, Jonesy Wilbans '19, Cole Wise '19
  • Monitors

    On the basis of student and faculty nominations and an application process, the Headmaster appoints a number of seniors to be Monitors of the School. The group then nominates one to be the Head Monitor and two or more to be Senior Monitors. These students are expected to lead the rest of the student body “by precept and example,” and are also expected to help the faculty uphold school rules. To be appointed a Monitor is a mark of respect by the community, and the manner in which the Monitors carry out their dormitory and school-wide responsibilities affect the tone of the School.

    2018-19 Monitors

    John Moses '19 (Head Monitor), Sol Ahn '19, Litchfield Ajavon '19, Mark Berry '19, Rudy Bissot '19, Natalie Block '19, Shunjaney Bryan '19, Nicole Carino '19, Will Cory '19, Parker Driscoll '19, George Eberle '19, Arden Faires '19, Sam Fanning '19, Juliet Faris '19, Max Foulk '19, Mary Ives Giblin '19, Jack Kelly '19, Ben Korkowski '19, Mei Kuo '19, Jett Lyerly '19, Paul Pivirotto '19, Gray Shiverick '19, Morin Tinubu '19, Olivia Tucker '19, Didi Tyree '19, Juanell Walker '19, Jonesy Wilbanks '19, Cole Wise '19
  • Prefects

    Prefects are a group of fully invested juniors devoted to providing strong dorm-based engagement and mentorship. Prefects are ready to do the difficult work of helping our new students adjust to life at boarding school, as well as build strong dorm communities in Anderson and Hummel dorms. Prefects provide a sense of stability, camaraderie, and community on dorm, including how residential life can be leveraged to build healthy relationships amongst students, as well as between students and adults.

    2017-18 Prefects

    Gilbert Amason '20, Alli Boehm '20, Claire Boehm '20, Wardie Cammack '20, Elijah Gaines '20, Ben Lee '20, Max Meyer '20, Cecelia Moore '20, Yareni Murillo '20, David Rondeau '20, Wyatt Singletary '20, Karen Zhang '20
  • Service Council

    The Service Council facilitates and coordinates service opportunities for students. The council finds ways to reach out to both domestic and international communities and provides financial support to maintain lasting partnerships. In doing so, they challenge the student body to get involved and share in the joy of service.

    2018-19 Service Council

    Sol Ahn '19, Shaunjaney Bryan '19, Arabella Dixon '21, Gracie Guest '19, Reid Jameson '20, Mei Kuo '19, Debby Lee '21, Arianna Otoo '21, Millie Pettegrew '20, Calyle Peyton '19, Harry Shi '19, Tre Simmons '20, SS Singh '21, Brenton Smith '21, Morin Tinubu '19, Cindy Xin '20, Karen Zhang '20
  • Spectrum

    Spectrum is a group of dedicated students who educate the EHS community and explore different viewpoints in order to broaden the collective horizon. The group strives to acknowledge and celebrate individuality. By embracing a wide range of perspectives, Episcopal finds strength in its differences. Spectrum values the radiance of each individual’s unique qualities and characteristics that collectively shine as one beautiful spectrum.

    2018-19 Spectrum

    Shaunjaney Bryan '19, Amy John-Terry '21, Esther Kim '19, Sidney Lewis '19, Coleman Marlatt '19
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

    The S.A.A.C. serves as a liaison between athletic teams and the EHS administration, as well as between athletics and the entire student body. The group works to facilitate conversations about issues regarding athletics and how athletes are represented within the larger community. Members of S.A.A.C. work actively work to build a sense of community and encourage sportsmanship in all facets of EHS life as well as a positive student-athlete image on campus. This committee provides a forum for discussion where members can provide valuable insights into different athletic issues. Their contributions help to guide the athletic department in shaping department policies. The S.A.A.C meets with members of the athletic department periodically throughout the year.

    2018-19 Student-Athletic Advisory Committee

    This information will be updated when the students have voted on leadership.
  • Vestry

    The Vestry challenges our community to particpate in all aspects of chapel life at EHS and creates opportunities for students to question their beliefs in a safe environment. In addition, the group supports the work of the chapel and the various student roles within it.

    2018-19 Vestry

    Paul Pivirotto '19 (Senior Vestry Warden), Gilbert Amason '20, Natalie Block '19, Jerry Chen '19, Emma Cunninghma-Bradshaw '19, Rob Deaton '20, Kyndall Donalson '19, Virginia Fix '19, Pierson Gammage '20, Bobby Hood '19, Christian Hudspeth '19, Chris Kim '21, Jett Lyerly '19, Hunter McGuire '19, Lucy Peacock '21, Clay Sailor '21, Natasha Wanjiru '20, Mike Yang '19
  • Young Alumni Leadership Program (YALP)

    Every year, rising seniors may apply to be part of the Young Alumni Leadership Program (YALP). Members of YALP work with the EHS Advancement Office to learn how they can support the School once they graduate and what opportunities will be available to them as alumni. YALP members use what they learn to educate their fellow seniors about the importance of staying connected to The High School after graduation through volunteering, attending alumni events, career networking, and giving to the Roll Call. Members of YALP cap off the year by leading the senior class fundraising effort and hosting an end-of-year dinner for their classmates.

    2018-19 YALP Committee Members

    Stewardship Committee
    Ellie Cummings (Chair), Selam Gebru, Ben Korkowski, Margeaux McCastlain, Kailyn Shepard

    Roll Call Committee
    Parker Driscoll (Chair), Emma Cunningham-Bradshaw, Mei Kuo, Didi Tyree, Thomas Williamson

    Events Committee

    Kyndall Donalson (Chair), Mary Ives Giblin, Lindsey Harrison, Gracie Hughes, Juanell Walker

    Communications Committee

    Lilly Whitner (Chair), Alexanne Penton, Jane Owen, Will Riddle, Catie Wood, Halsey Ziglar
    • The 2018-19 Cheerleaders

      The 2018-19 Cheerleaders

    • The 2018-19 Head Tour Guides

      The 2018-19 Head Tour Guides

    • The 2018-19 Prefects

      The 2018-19 Prefects

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