Chapel Talks

A forum for students and faculty to share with and inspire the Episcopal community

On most Fridays during the school year, the Episcopal community gathers in Callaway Chapel at 11:30 a.m. Although chapel services are a regular part of the school week, Friday chapel services are unique because of their chapel talks, which have become an integral part of the EHS experience.

At Episcopal, the phrase “chapel talk” refers to a speech given by a student or faculty member at Friday chapel. Organized and run by student members of the Vestry, Friday chapel services provide a forum for community members to speak to the School about a topic that has special meaning to them.

These chapel talks can be funny, insightful, challenging, moving, and often deeply personal. Each topic resonates differently with the community, but all leave a lasting impression, one that stays with the listener long after graduation.

Below are a selection of student and faculty chapel talks from recent years.

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